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✓ Growth factor (GF) bomb solution 

✓ Collagen production in the dermis 

✓ Skin regeneration and rebuilding 

✓ Pore reduction effect, elasticity 

SKIN TYPESAll skin types, Aged skin, Sagging skin, Loose skin
SKIN CONCERNAged skin, MTS Treatment, Extend Pore
BENEFITSRepair, Elasticity, Collagen synthesis, MTS treatment
KEY INGREDIENT10 types of Growth factors, Regestril-P
HOW TO USEExpert treatment Use during MTS procedure to maximize the effect (01 After cleansing, gently adjust the skin texture 02 Apply this product to the entire face 03 MTS needle procedure 04 Apply modeling mask and remove it for 10-15 minutes to fully calm the skin)
Home care After hydrating the skin with clear toner, take an appropriate amount of this product and apply it to the face and neck and absorb.